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“7x7s” Randori

7-7min rounds at 7pm is a GREAT way to sharpen your BJJ and get an intense workout!  Whether you’re prepping for a competition, want to test where your game is or just get a great “rolling” session in this is a great addition to your weekly regime.

Women’s Self Defense

Austin Self Defense

Why try one of our Women’s Self Defense Classes?

You deserve the right to control your own space! Unfortunately, rights are often trampled when a victim doesn’t have the tools or strength to ENFORCE THEIR RIGHTS to Self Defense!

Austin is one of the fastest Growing cities in our country and along with all of that positive growth comes an uptick in an already troubling environment of random-and more commonly not so random assaults on women. This is all the reason you should need to take a Women’s Self Defense Class!

I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, a loving mother, and a wonderful girlfriend who all deserve the ability and confidence that they have a practical, reality based gameplan to protect themselves and get to safety should they ever need it!

My name is Mikal Abdullah. I’m a combat veteran, former bodyguard, professional fighter, and international BJJ champion. It is MY MISSION to EMPOWER as many people as I can with some SUPER SIMPLE leverage based tricks and tactics that I have used to defeat men TWICE MY SIZE in competition and in the streets! But its not just a bunch of movements and tricks! Members will all walk out with their very own SELF-DEFENSE GAMEPLAN as they progress in our Women’s Self Defense program!

You Deserve Confidence and Confidence comes from evidence! Let us help you build your evidence and your confidence in our next class!  Just fill out the short form on the top right of this page and we will set up a no pressure private session to talk and show you the steps you need to protect yourself!

Kids/Family BJJ

Bully Prevention

Our Kids/Family BJJ program is the only one of its kind the Austin area! Unlike other BJJ programs we encourage an environment where children don’t just learn from coaches, but alongside them. A very unique an important experience as the children learn not just FROM their parents but are able to monitor and model how their parents learn. Helping families grow together is one of our main missions! If you have any interest make sure to let us know!

Kickboxing / Muay Thai (*Austin Location Only)

Whether you’ve trained kickboxing or Muay Thai for years or are just getting started this class is for you! Each class is segmented depending on your goals! Fitness kickboxing and Muay Thai classes are a great way to get fit and develop your mind and body.

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Core BJJ is just that, The Core of our BJJ program.  Unlike the other BJJ programs, at Aces Jiu Jitsu Club we have created an “on ramp” class where you can learn the techniques, strategies, and tactics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with limited resistance so you can truly focus on fundamentals without the stress of a real fight

BBLT is our Black Belt Leadership Training class. This is an upgraded program for the BJJ practitioner that wants to take their game to the next level!  It is in this class where members are able to take the techniques strategies and tactics they learned in the core program and apply them to live training situations sparring. You can join in this class your first week first month first year or never. It’s totally up to you. If you have aspirations towards getting a BJJ Black Belt or competing or even just to test yourself then this is the class for you!

Open Mat BJJ

Everyone from elite athletes to supermodels have long been touting the benefits of boxing as a complete body workout.

Allowing you to develop superior upper body strength, quickness and agility, cardiovascular fitness, and improved posture all at the same time, our boxing classes are great for all ages and fitness levels. Our classes focus on specific techniques and drills.

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