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8 Ways Crossfit Athletes Can Benefit from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ Austin

Most people have never trained in any grappling at all (Wrestling, Sambo, Judo and BJJ, and are at a total loss when it comes to being able to defend a takedown or defend themselves on the ground. Big, strong, small or weak everyone, with proper training and application, can learn the fine art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). It builds character, develops critical thinking skills, helps you learn to fire under pressure, relieves stress, teaches humility, improves flexibility, and is great cross training for athletes of any sport…including one of our faves, Crossfit!

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Our Top 5 Favorite BJJ Fight Scenes

Best BJJ Scenes | BJJ Austin

We talk a lot about the practical applications of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)—using it for self-defense, as part of competitive athletics, or even just keeping yourself physically fit. But in addition to all of those things, BJJ has had a huge influence on the way we experience our art—specifically, in the realm of choreographed fight scenes.

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Worst Jiu Jitsu Advice We’ve Ever Heard: The Side Mount

Bad training can take many different forms. You can have good techniques that are taught poorly, bad techniques that are taught well, teachers leave things out, or they teach techniques that used to work but fail to keep up with the times. So here we’re starting a series of “Worst Advice” columns to tell you about all the bad advice I hear from all the major positions in Jiu Jitsu.

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Aces Jiu Jitsu Club Wins GOLD for Austin Again!

What an AWESOME experience as a coach to see the hard work and dedication of your friends and students be realized!  I can’t say with words how in love with the process of human optimization through Jiu Jitsu I am!  Not JUST the winning GOLD part, but the WHOLE process!  Read Below to see the results and video testimonials of our members and Champions as they build and test themselves….

Steve Stone (GOLD)


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Jiu Jitsu Unlocked: The Leg Lasso Of Truth!

Recently, Aces Jiu Jitsu Club Head Coach, Mikal Abdullah put together this high effective Leg Lasso sweep video in Austin, TX.  This technique is particularly effective against aggressive guard passers who have a hard charging game!

Before exploring the technique here are a few key dos and don’ts for this effective Jiu Jitsu technique:

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Finding the Right BJJ Gym In Austin, TX

Black Belt Austin, TX

Whether you’re a seasoned BJJ veteran or an eager newcomer to the sport, finding the right BJJ gym is tough. You don’t want to commit to a gym, start attending classes, only to realize that it’s not the right place for you. Check out these tips and learn how to find the right gym for BJJ classes in Austin, TX.

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20 Awesome New Year’s Resolution Ideas For BJJ

Fitness Resolutions 2016

2015 is almost over and you’re running out of time to come up with your New Year’s Resolution ideas. If you haven’t made some yet – YOU’RE IN LUCK! Check out this list of 20 of the best BJJ Resolution Ideas, and pick a few that apply to you.  Remember, the goals you set are the goals you get!  So, write a few down that inspire you and get going!

1. Get more training time on the BJJ mat

The only way to improve your game is to practice. And the only way to practice is to show up to the gym. In 2016, dedicate more time to training at the BJJ gym.

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Motherhood and Martial Arts

Train Martial Arts to Recover From Pregnancy

Nothing makes you feel more empowered than a well­ structured attack sequence, right?  Get in there and strike the bags, jump into an intense routine, and feel strong, right?  Women’s fitness routines are usually based on intense fitness with wild abandon, and usually with little guidance to exact structure and form.

I would encourage everyone, especially those new to motherhood, to choose a well ­educated and certified trainer to lead her through fitness with an exact approach to correct form.  This is paramount in all fitness, but particularly to avoid exacerbating possible injury.

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